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Home Improvement & Roofing Services
in *Harris County, Texas & *Montgomery County, Texas

Proudly serving Harris County, Texas and Montgomery County, Texas with professional roofing services, home improvement coverage, and an unwavering commitment to quality & consistency for over a decade! Our roofing specialists and home improvement pros are well-versed in many techniques, service options, and innovative solutions to best ensure our clients & customers alike are investing wisely when they commission our coverage in both Harris County, Texas and Montgomery County, Texas.


Kingwood, Texas

As a part of our ongoing campaign to ensure local Texas residents have a viable solution for any roofing, painting, or improvement needs, we’ve broadened our already-extensive coverage to now include communities in and around Kingwood, Texas. During our tenure as a leading roofing contractor in Kingwood, TX for the past decade, we’ve had many tremendous opportunities to not only hone our craft regarding commercial/residential roofing services & property improvements but to also enhance the lives of our valued patrons. As such, we offer a wealth of roofing services and improvement coverage for local commercial & residential properties in Kingwood, Texas; including roofing repairs, replacements, installations, maintenance, and inspections. Moreover, our property improvement services in Kingwood, TX typically entail our in-house improvement specialists affecting professional services, such as interior/exterior painting as well as installation services for fascia, gutters, trim, soffit, skylights, and siding.

Porter, Texas

Another key community here in Texas that we proudly offer extensive roofing services (commercial, residential, specialty, etc) and custom property improvement options for is the sprawling region of Porter, Texas. What’s more, our homebase and company’s origins began right here in Porter, TX, so we endeavor oh so diligently to ensure our fellow neighbors in many instances are well-accounted for in regards to any roofing or property improvement needs. We offer our fellow residents of Porter, Texas a wealth of service options that can range from repairs & maintenance for roofing systems, replacement services for soffits & fascia, or even large-scale, commercial roofing system replacements. By combining our decades of roofing experience with hard-won familiarity of all roofing types and variations, we’re able to ensure each and every one of our roofing clients in/around Porter, Texas have a reliable resource for their many roofing needs - us here at Ben Diaz Roofing!

Summerwood, Texas

For local homeowners and fellow business operators in the Summerwood, Texas area that are in search of quality roofing services of varying degrees of complexity need not look any further than our premier roofing company in Summerwood, TX: Ben Diaz Roofing. Whether our roofing experts are tasked with overseeing an entire (re)roofing project/roofing replacement for a commercially-scaled property or simply affecting roof leak repairs to combat the annual saturation Texas is commonly subjected to; our patrons can enjoy confidence that our stellar reputation as a leading roofing contractor in Summerwood, Texas is as well-founded as it is well-received. Feel free to contact our on-staff roofing specialists if you are interested in scheduling a particular roofing service in Summerwood, Texas; such as roofing repairs, roofing maintenance, roofing (re)designs, roofing replacements, or even full-scale roofing installations. Please note that all of our roofing services in Summerwood, Texas are available for both residential roofing systems and commercial roofing systems, respectively.

Humble, Texas

Obtaining roofing services in Humble, Texas, be it roofing repairs to address issues caused by storm damage or garnering a reliable roofing contractor to manage a new roofing installation, can often be an arduous ordeal for many property owners. Whether it’s an oversaturation of subpar roofing contractors in Humble, TX vying for a roofing contract by underbidding each other or finding a roofing company that offers specialized roofing services to accommodate unique roofing system needs; the idea of sifting through the local roofing industry is often best avoided. This is why we’ve endeavored so studiously to branch out our areas of roofing coverage in Texas to now include the many communities & properties throughout Humble, Texas and its surrounding populaces. We encourage any residential or commercial property owners who are interested in learning more about our roofing services in Humble, TX to strongly consider taking full advantage of our comprehensive roofing coverage: roofing repairs, roofing installations, (re)roofing services, roofing maintenance, roofing replacements, and storm/weather damage corrective capacities.

North Houston, Texas

During our tenure as a premier roofing contractor throughout North Houston, Texas, we’ve had countless opportunities to not only ply our roofing trade and hone our considerable roofing-related repertoire but we’ve also been blessed with the great fortune of bettering the lives of our valued clients - one roofing project at a time! As a company, we’ve embraced a very “client specific” approach towards rendering our various roofing services in North Houston, TX to best ensure that each particular roofing project we are responsible for results in the absolute satisfaction of our favored patrons. Furthermore, we’ve also adopted a “diversity-first” approach regarding the extent of our actual roofing service capacities that are available to local property owners in North Houston, Texas in search of a varying array of roofing service options. The roofing service options in North Houston, TX that we happily offer local business/homeowners can include (but are certainly not limited to) roofing repairs, roofing (re)designs, roofing replacements, roofing installations, (re)roofing services, and preventative roofing maintenance. Also worth noting for would-be roofing service-seekers: all available for both commercial roofing systems and residential roofing systems in North Houston, Texas!

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